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Hala Sultan Tekke


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Hala Sultan Tekke is one of the most sacred Muslim shrines in the world.  Hala Sultan Tekke is the grave of Umm Haram - the Islamic prophet Muhammad's wet nurse and the wife of Ubada bin al-Samit, a general of Moavias who was the leader of the first Arabic invasion of the island in 649 B.C. She was killed during this campaign, when she fell off the mule carrying her. The Hala Sultan Tekke was built at the place of her death, but the exact date is not known. At the beginning it was a simple grave that was later turned into a mosque. The tomb is covered by green velvet and protected by a railing. Some archaeologists believe that the tomb of Umm Haram is a monolithic tomb of the prehistoric period (1700 - 1050 BC). According to one legend, one of the stones covering it is suspended in mid - air.



Hala Sultan Tekke