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Palm Trees Promenade


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One of the most pleasant entertainment seafront areas of the whole of Cyprus is the palm trees promenade or Athens Avenue in Larnaka. This beautiful avenue along a sandy beach on the popular seafront of the city accommodates some of the best hotels, cafes, pubs, clubs and restaurants in town. Along this famous “Phinicoudes” sandy beach of Larnaka, which is busy and friendly day and night summer, winter, springtime and fall, activity is a non-stop procedure, as the beach fans and swimmers mingle with the tourists visiting the museums, the historic buildings and all of them together with the locals enjoy the drinks, food and entertainment of the establishments and the free of charge walks on the promenade. Famous urban planner Angelos Demetriou designed the area in the early 1990’s and this new beautiful and pleasant municipal town project replaced the previous municipal setting of Mayors F. Zanettos and N. Kyriazis, who were also responsible for the plantation of the palm trees (phinicoudes) in the early 1920’s.


Palm Trees Promenade